Don't Feel Like Cooking? We've Got Dinner Covered.

Frentress Lake Bar & Grill serves all your favorites

No need to fire up the grill now that Frentress Lake Bar & Grill is open. Order any of your summer cookout favorites from our extensive menu.

You won't leave hungry because we serve burgers, sandwiches and pizza piled high with toppings. If you're feeling ravenous, our rib dinner is a good choice - a half-pound or full rack of ribs with a half-pound of home fries.

Take advantage of our daily specials, like our Saturday Ribs special, to try practically everything on the menu without spending so much money.

Check out the Menu page now to see what's good.

Frentress Lake Bar & Grill Gives Back

Ask us about our next East Dubuque Booster Club fundraiser

You can't spell "summer" without "us"

Make Frentress Lake Bar & Grill part of your summer traditions. Our family-owned restaurant is conveniently located near a marina and campsite, meaning you won't have to travel far to find us.

Stop by for lunch or dinner if...

You're tired of cooking over a campfire.
You're tired after spending all day on the river.
You want to enjoy good food with your favorite people.

Visit the Contact Us page for directions.

Work up an appetite playing volleyball

Did you know Frentress Lake Bar & Grill hosts women's and co-ed volleyball leagues? The more the merrier, so encourage your friends to sign up with you.

Contact us today for details.